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What is Hi-Duo?

What is Hi-Duo?

Hi-Duo is a product for any level of outdoor enthusiast. This product is designed to be your go-to utility light for car, camping, hiking, and most importantly, your safety. Hi-Duo is the combination of high-caliber flashlight technology with top quality lantern light coverage. We've combined these two necessary lighting technologies into one elegant design with a familiar form factor

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Technical Features:

Weight: 13 oz
Brightness: 900 Lumens - Front
Brightness: 500 Lumens - Bottom
Battery Life: 8 hours - Low Setting
Water Resistance: IP67
Carabiner Hooks
Rechargeable Batteries


This product has gone through several prototype phases, each time refining the construction, lending itself to a smooth manufacturing process. Engineers with years of experience have helped streamline our process and ensure Hi-Duo meets top quality standards.


Before we brought this product to the people we wanted to be sure it would be feasible in such a tight package.

Through hands-on prototyping we grasped a thorough understanding of what it would take to make this product real.

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